My 3rd Kilm Firing. What a Disaster. Bottom Shelf.

This was my  3rd Firing ,  we started at 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning.

On the Saturday I had packed  the kiln, so it was turn the gas on first thing Sunday Morning, and lets cook these pots.

I am only new to pottery still learning about glazing, and firing.

I set out to do a low oxidation firing, some of the glazer did not like the high firing. Looking for better results.

So we ended up turning the Kiln off at 2.30pm, we went to cone 9 fulling over.

Then my husband wanted to see inside, yes he lifted the lids about four inches high.

Inside it was red, and hot.

My pots had a smashing time. after he open it.

Here is a insight to never open the kiln until cold.

I lost nearly every thing due to clay bits stuck on every pot.

Bottom Shelf.


The bottom shelf  with different glazers. Here is some of the results.

Glaze was Retile Blue

Must of been to hot, one side of the tray the glaze burnt off, down to clay. Colour should been more Blue- Green-Brown.

This is a nice colour,  Shame there is chips of clay stuck on it. Glaze was S93.

Brown cup should of been Blue/ pink. It has a bit of colour on top. Must of been to hot.

Bowl had iron oxide painted on. S93 Glaze. Again to hot. Started losing colour.

Last picture is the result after firing Bottom Shelf.

To Hot for the glazers.















As you can see from the picture above, the shelf was to hot for the glazer that were on the pots.

Next story will be Middle Shelf. 3rd Firing Disaster.

I learnt a lot about the different glazer. The purple blue was nice colour in real life.

Look out for my next story about firing my  pottery.

Have a great day.

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